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Hank Smith Antiques
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100 Mile House, BC
Inventory #208

This is a beautiful oak liquor cabinet bar.

It features a convenient top surface that

has 2 additional surfaces that lift up to

the sides for extra space. A drawer with

shaped facing. Made in Germany.

(Circa 1960's)
Inventory #208

The cabinet has a stemware shelf.

There are 4 casters for easy mobility.

This makes an excellent piece of furniture

suitable for home or office.

(Circa 1960's)

Inventory #221

This is a gorgeous English style oak liquor

wine cocktail cabinet. It features a

cabinet that includes a luxurious mirrored

back. It has a front door with lovely brass

handles and it is pulled down in order to open.

(Circa 1960's)

Inventory #221

To open it the top simultaneously lifts up.

In addition it has a bottom cabinet that has a

shelve with 2 shaped doors that have matching

handles. Also a drawer for cocktail tools.

(Circa 1960's)
Inventory #2416

"Jasper Cocktail Cabinet." Pin Stripe

Mahogany. It has a flip top, for extra

space. Complete fitout for everything.

(Circa 1960's)
Inventory #2416

This Jasper Cabinet has a secret compartment

to hide your favorites, under lock and key.

(Circa 1960's)
Inventory #2480

Vintage "Lane Virgina" oak liquor wine cocktail

cabinet. Mirrored back, with a removable glass

shelf. As it is pulled down in order to

open it the top simultaneously lifts up.

(Circa 1960's)
Inventory #2480

It has an exquisite carved paneled front door.

Beautiful brass hardware. In addition there is a

drawer with carved facing and a bottom

cabinet. With lots of storage space .

(Circa 1960's)
Inventory #2706

This is a gorgeous English Art Deco Cocktail

Cabinet. The Cocktail Cabinet has a Slender

Gallery along the back. The Top has a softly

curved edge. "Beautility Ltd. Patent Pending."

(Circa 1920's)
Inventory #2706

The Door opens to reveal a beautifully fitted

interior. There is a Small Shelf at the rear

for Cocktail Glasses. The Mixing Surface is

covered in Black Glass which is embellished

with a Gilded Striped Pattern.

(Circa 1920's)
Inventory #2929

Solid Oak Coffee Table & Liqour Cabinet.

G.F. Laidler Craftsman Ltd. Vancouver BC

George Laidler, a top-notch local craftsman

who also designed furniture made this piece.

(Circa 1930's)
Inventory #2929

The top is one inch thick solid oak.

It has double carved locking linen fold doors.

It has sliding fitout shelves for bottles

and glass's. Supreme cratsmanship.

(Circa 1930's)
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